Sunday, May 21, 2017


'Country roads,take me home,to the place I belong...' ( A song sung by John Denever)

Home. It denotes a complete feeling‎; feeling of totality. No word is as positive and  beautiful as Home.

Home imbibes a place that one belongs to, that one has a longing for, that one looks forward to be in, a place one can so rightfully barge in, that one does not need to knock the door at nor ring the bell of, a place like sanctum sanctorum of worship where one can cry or be at peace  without an asking, a place that equates all the wealth of the world and a place that all the riches cannot buy. 

Home also means the presence or feel of persons whom one loves and belongs to as a matter of course. It is usually the persons who have the ability to instil the feel of 'at home' or homeliness; they enrich the place, make it a home and their affection, love, care and concern, protection and security exude the feel of a home.

I have been ruminating over ‎it since I started my journey to reach Abohar yesterday,the 20th May, 2017 for release of a short documentary on my parents: Gazab Ke Log

The release had been planned without much notice due to the scheduled departure of my sister Mridu for Germany. Thanks to whatsapp and mobile and to the affectionate Rajat, Amit who took on themselves the responsibility for all arrangements.  The Arodvansh Sabha President Mr Ashok Munjal liberally offered the premises of Sabha, a Community Hall saying: 'oh taan mere massiji see' . The media of Abohar had created a welcome environment with enthusiastic pre-event coverage.  We reached there just at the nick of time for the release of the film before the audience of two hundred people consisting of family, friends, teachers and relatives and Aboharians who had been associated with Mammi and Pitaji as parents of seven daughters living in street no. 7. It was like journey back home with parents who loved this place and would often say: East of West, Home is the Best!

Thanks to Parveen Sharma and Keshav Mehta who captured the spirit that Gazab Ke Log imbibed and sensitively delineated the ‎essence in 25 odd minutes! And yes, it felt great to be recognised as children of Gazab ke Log in the land of their and our belonging: Abohar (Punjab). The emotional receiving of the short film was overwhelming indeed. 

Its Homecoming with a difference!