Thursday, October 6, 2016

The internal aura and energy audit

Ever since Balaji, the Pranic Healing teacher taught me aura and energy scanning, I have became conscious of positive and negative of energies as to how and what kind of energies are emitted by places and persons. How we ourselves emit and transmit the negative energies more forcefully, successfully; how our positive energies are more often than not vulnerable to slightest provocation and we tend to fall prey to the negativity and assert in rude, demeaning, violent manner.

From childhood we are made to understand and learn what is bad and what is not good or good. Throughout, life teaches through hard Time sometimes,sometimes gently through others' perspective, experiences, satsang, sumiran ‎how we can better ourselves, nurture positivity, create goodwill et al. But the negative emotions like anger, irritation, cribbing, judging are like ever ready satanic forces to take command over us and rule us. When the 'spell' is over, we repent, feel small and sorry, regret but often, it is too late to mend and the damage is done. Anything which we do not like, fancy irks us and thats the turning point. 

Our physical being bears direct impact of positive or negative energies and accordingly our aura, too.‎ Just imagine or visualise how we look when we are angry or else happy, at peace -the difference is conspicuously clear and visible. In the same manner we feel good, energetic, high spirited when positive and juxtaposed to it, feel tired, fatigued, lost, zero, withdrawn, exhausted when faced with negativity.

Understandably, it is not always a matter of choice. We do tend to become football of others' opinions, doings, behaviour, demeanour. The realisation of this 'weakness' to let ourselves go the way we are led adds to our misery. At the same time, it is difficult and very challenging to be 'in command' always, all the time, in come-what-may circumstances!

There are no thumb rules but yes, trigger points need to be watched with care and concern when faced with negativity. We cannot and should not 'wear the faces to meet the faces that we meet' but ‎giving ourselves a moment to pause and ponder may save us from anger and irritability which are always at our beck and call.

The responsibility of internal audit of our own aura and energies is solely ours. Others can only judge us and carry the impressions we create before them till whenever.‎ At the end of the day, the aura we emit faces us and makes us squirm with discomfiture if we have been negatively inclined during the day or else pleases us,pats us with 'shabaash', makes us smile and rejuvenates us with store of accumulated  positive energies for a tomorrow which in either case is going to be better, full of energy as long as there is sun in the sky.