Thursday, May 5, 2016

A year of 366 days

I am told that I have a knack of remembering dates and occasions-not a  good thing to do as past has acute potential to bring one back to negativity. With God's grace I tend to remember happy dates too- the good times of thrill, joy, romance, togetherness- ofcourse, not with precision of a character dubbed as 'Calender' in a popular Hindi movie.

Before this leap year started, the stress and strain was at its peak. The year before was such that the mantra 'this too would pass'  alone kept me afloat. I was bogged down under the weary weight of workplace inconveniences. The weather of city beautiful, the greenery, the cosy ness of the house I was residing in were the redeeming features for the soul in agony. The mix of good and bad is always happening but its our own ability to cope, overcome the not -so -good which gives way at times. The veil of negativity was lifted at last and I was set afoot a fresh journey exactly a year ago.

On 5th of May last year I joined as Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Karnal.

‎The year just gone by has been of varied hues. The excitement of a new assignment , the enthusiasm due to this-is-what-I -really- like-to-do, the apprehensions of a new place, the dreams and aspirations of a zealous commitment for the cause of swachhta -all put together, the journey started with great gusto. 

Have travelled for scores of days covering ‎thousands of miles, worked and worked and worked causing irritation to the dear ones who have gradually stoically accepted and let me be. I ate regularly irregularly reinforcing my reputation further as an in disciplined dieter and casual workout doer. The weigh machine bears ample testimony to this point. 

Have been so persistent and consistent in bringing work work work in all leisure hours with family, chats with friends that they have naturally and justifiably felt frustrated and irritated and respite I have provided none.  Workaholic like me are work obsessed and the quantum of patience required to deal(read tolerate) is huge,formidable! 

The year has seen ups and downs and downs and ups ..yet persisting ever I have marched on and on and on. Were it not for some rooting in Srimadbhagwadgita, the possibility of my overcoming the despair and dilemmas, the ‎trial and tribulations would have been bleak.

It's not fair to judge the year from perspective ‎of loss and gain as the investment was in blood, sweat and tears.

 There were moments of being on proverbial cloud nine and on other extremes I felt lost,dejected, hugely weak and finished. But small gesture of love and care saved like the divine interventions and enabled me go on. 

The completion of a degree has enthused‎ but the failure to get place amongst the first and fast track lot of smart cities by less than half a mark  has hit like a thud on the face and butt on the head. 

The mood has seen as many swings as the temperament. It's difficult to gauge whether I am wiser or better, worse or ‎not as bad. This I should not attempt as only the time unfolds what becomes of us in face of forces of devils and grace of angels.

In short, this year of 366 days consists of stories as many.