Friday, March 14, 2014

A Tribute To Candy Crush

I had always been wary of video games. Could never really understand how my sisters would appreciate Solitaire so much that they would be seen every now and then engrossed in it. Could never go beyond three four games in Wordosaur. But three months ago I was 'taught' to play candy crush and was warned, too that it's very addictive game. Only half believed it as I was over confident that it could not be my cup of tea!! And lo! I started playing.

The candies attracted with their colors and shapes; the stripped candies were awaited as were donuts whose worth I realized quite late!! Soon I could see candies when I would lie down to sleep. It had happened when I had first learnt to type manually on the Remington make  type writer after matriculation exams (Those were the days when, I think, every child after tenth was supposed to learn typing!!). The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog would flash before the inward eye in those vacant moments at night with image of  fingers tapping the 'q' on the extreme left top and an 'o'‎ on top row second from right. Similarly, candies and jellies' clearance started affecting me. I confess having traveled to Future Time often in order to 'cheat' the computer-time-believer-innocent-game ‎as to buy myself 'full' sets of five games to enable me clear the levels!! I didn't know this side of me hitherto.

 I generally keep my mini i Pad  with me. So during travel or a few moments of leisure after lunch I would witness myself busy with candy crush saga!! I abhorred the bombs yet persisted on with games that would ultimately annihilate them. Initially I played with music on but it's monotony was not welcome. Besides, the sound‎ after a failure in clearing the level along with picture of a hefty, bearded Aladdin's genie telling you: 'you failed !' is intimidating indeed!! 

It had a positive impact, too. During my regular dhyan  before sleep, I could feel all the negativity crumbling down by the good candies‎ and the dancing fish following the 'sugar crush' would mean visualization of all things positive. If only this were all! But I confess how a loss or win in a game became a ‎tashan before the exams that I was appearing in recently. It was too much and I would reprimand myself for indulging in candy crush at wee hours to be through in exams the next day!!       

All said and done, the game is addictive indeed. I felt very bad when Maneesha who suggested and taught me how to play candy crush backed out of the game feeling it was consuming too much of time and that she  hated the bombs and didn't want to be terrorized while playing a game for fun only. True. But even this hasn't stopped me. Blame it on the stress that I have often found myself surrounded with. Hence, the need for a stress buster like candy crush is well justified, I tell myself. So much so that I have not refrained from seeking the help of candy crush cheats to clear a level I find myself struck at! I have not really wished in this case to prioritize, keep- time -apart principle and let myself go.    

One thing I really could not do-Ask friends to give life or unlock a level. So, I confess I have 'paid' my apps world to help me do the needful. 

Yes, I have been shy of projecting on face book my 'achievements' lest I am dubbed a candy crush freak!!


  1. An excellent tribute to candy crush which instinctively brings out the child in us !

    keep playing, scale higher and savour the sugary candies ( fat free) !

    All the best.

  2. Ha..ha..ha..indeed...another prey of Candy. crush....I am also among the millions prey of the game... really an addictive game...n very well one can describe it better than you..