Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ah ! Hope!!

Hope ushers with stealthy footsteps like the Dawn amidst dark. The hopefulness changes the texture of things small and routine. The buzz of an alarm in the morning seems welcome; the getting -ready-for -the -walk looks like preparing for the celebration of the day; the steps on a walk become swifter, more brisk; the breathing resonates the music of steps; the target landmark gets stretched probably to enhance the joy of inhaling-exhaling.

Hope leaves behind the heaviness of despair and cajoles one to join and sing the very fact of being.

Hope makes possible the existence of Dreams. It strengthens and enables their fulfilment.

We need so many things to live but only Hope is suffice to make us cross vicissitude of life and survive.

Hope has serious competitors in Joy, Love, Beauty, Peace and Abundance. Without Hope accompanying and implicitly abound,  none of them possesses any sheen, significance, meaningfulness, isn't it?

When Hope reins, small joys fill. Even a state of penury cannot shatter and wide armed Peace holds and safely keeps in its secure fold facilitating sleep even when the rough storms howl and Time seems adamant to play foul.

Love enables Hope find its feet. When Despair looms large, engulf, sinks, dooms, it is Hope that lifts, heals and like the benevolent Santa Claus keeps beneath the pillow the gift wrap of a tomorrow.

Hope abounds in beauty, shines in Love, symbolises Abundance. Peace follows naturally, spontaneously and fills the chinks and sooths the bruises that Despair, at times, leaves behind.

Of all the things, sentiments created by the Master, Hope stands apart, taller. The beauties of the world get the meaning of their being from Hope. Devoid of Hope's blessings, Joy, no wonder, has always has its 'hands on his lips, bidding adieu'.

Sumedha Kataria