Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pain, pain go away....

Pain has all the components that beauty and joy and love imbibe: intensity, ability to affect not just mind, heart and body, but, soul, too. It has the ability to touch, sweep anything that comes in its ambit. Adroit Pain loves to penetrate, permeate and pervade.

Pain loves privacy, safety of a cocoon, withdrawal unto oneself, isolation and self-indulgence, luxury of brooding.

Its childlike nature shirks to meet the love-ful eyes that have the capacity to bare it, melt it, wash it and shoo it away. Naturally, it fears annihilation.

Weathers of any and every kind possess ability to sprout Pain and make it grow, enhance, bloom.

Pain seizes like scorpion’s tentacles and one gives up, letting the hold tighten further. It wrings all energy. Life sustaining hope is its first casualty. It halts time, brings life to a standstill, freezes time and the most natural thing as breathing requires an effort when Pain reins. Regular and repeated attacks of authoritarian Pain limp, close, shut and still.

Sometimes it is accompanied by a reason-a loss, an end but sometimes it comes from the backdoors of mind, hits on the back and causes a hard fall. Its complex behavior chagrins, annoys, maddens, agonizes, hurts but it doesn't stop. It can stoop to levels to cause a heart ache human mind fails to fathom at times the justification for.

Sometimes like an unplanned conception, the seeds of pain grow in the deepest recesses of heart and when it grows, it’s difficult to abort it. The process as such causes huge sense of irrevocable loss. Also, something dies within.

Nature has umpteen examples by which it glorifies pain by enabling sweet melodies blossom from thorn-birds and their likes amongst humans. Nevertheless, the charm, beauty and music emanated from Pain is accompanied by loneliness and isolation in love. On the contrary, Joy too renders music, beauty and depth to its creation and this paradox is the hardest to understand. It has baffled mankind since times immemorial.

It is not matter of choice but perforce that one awaits Joy, shuns Pain but like a reckless being, it cares the less and asserts its being where it finds the weak spot, the vulnerable hole to pierce through, shred, tear apart. And who bothers how long it takes to seal the wounds, patch things, co-join, make it workable.

At the fag end of my life I want to learn to 'say NO' to Pain in all its hues, varieties, colours, textures, forms and shapes. Have lived with it, loved it, nourished and nurtured it, seen it flourish and drown me in its unstoppable deluge.
No more. Now,no more.

With passage of time, I have seen its modes, moods, elements and components. Now I can see it coming from the distance afar. I feel Pain has realized that it is unwelcome; therefore, it hesitatingly approaches me, stalks me at times but cannot attack me from behind now. It has to come to the front, face me, challenge me, give me fair opportunity to counter it, prove my mettle and only when I give up after the fight; it takes over me-not before that.

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