Thursday, May 30, 2013

An Extra Mile

Only last evening my study table arrived-a simple, matter of fact, small, economical thing but a piece of beauty that I have gifted myself. After perhaps ages my- this- pampering-of-myself has enabled me sit and write. shall I not say thanks to it? I sure do.

Once a mentor-a voracious reader and a master spinner of words -during a discussion on when we lack self-confidence et al said: 'when you are not confident,wear it.' And it really helps!! Sometimes we literally wear it. Gone are the days when I worked in FC College, Hisar and wearing a smart dress would bring instantaneous enthusiastic compliments-something that doesn't happen in male dominated work environs.

My niece Mira had just turned teens. I saw her standing before a mirror, looking at herself from varied angles and suddenly she said stylishly: 'M e e ra, you are so beautiful, I love you'. I was initially taken aback, amused and whenever that image of hers flashes before my eyes, it brings ample smiles. It was pleasant learning experience that oft stands in good stead.

'Dare not treat me here any less than you would a queen'-a cute small hanging when gifted to me was an eye opener! I realised I was and I am a queen-pampered, spoilt to the core, wayward, moody but of course a very special person to myself in my cocoon!

It does mean going an extra mile to gift oneself an expensive hair-do or a facial, an exquisite stationery or an enviable electronic item but whenever an initiative as such becomes a reality, it for sure boosts and makes one feel deservedly pampered and cared for.

Friends and kin do it more, more frequently and surprise us with their uncanny ability to touch where it matters so much. Be it through the choicest food preparation or a secretly kept packed box before departure which one gets to open only after the journey starts and I tell you, it so often chokes me with joy and blessedness and only the moistened eyes and choked throat silently utters: Thank you.

Infact He, the master planner, too goes an extra mile at times to boost the morale and brings cheers like 'happening' of my daughter becoming mom of a healthy baby !!

The very fact that when mercury plays Lara and amidst heat of scorching sun we find blooming 'amaltas'-its His protecting pampering, isn't it?