Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Transition

Its one of  the most commonly used phrases: change is the law of Nature. All things born must undergo the constant process of change. Change is a phenomenon that touches time, space, age. When it occurs it brings along the mix of energies-both negative and positive in all things, events, persons' lives witnessing this the most constant of all factors-the transition.

Transition affects. Yes, it does. On one hand it un-settles, sort-of uproots, jerks, sometimes hits like a bolt from the blue, thuds, shakes, makes it all hazy with uncertainties at physical, emotional, personal, professional levels looming large. it feels like undertaking a journey to the unknown ill-equipped, packing difficult to be done. On the other hand there so much of romance in a transition with a change in weather, ambience of a place, faces one is going to meet, paths beckoning to traverse. It feels as pleasant as getting up one fine  morning and finding new leaves having sprouted all of a sudden and replaced the leaf-less branches of a plant or the tiny seasonal flowers blooming and wishing one 'good morning' with a smile unmatched, cute,unexpected,too.

When Nature brings about these changes, they are partially expected and also waited for. We are often prepared for these and also tend to believe the dictum 'nature never did betray the heart that loves her.' The change from foggy early mornings and freezing winters  to pleasantly sunny
Spring to heat of summers to the approach of autumnal blues and 'seasons of mists and mellow fruitfulness'- the chain of changes are part of our lives, we accept them almost un-complaining.

When destiny does it with a frown, it chokes, has the capacity to close us, shut us and put us in dungeon of grief.  It  bears the brunt of non-acceptance as the transitions as such in life, life patterns, people around, relationships are not always welcome and more often than not-unexpected like rude shocks. When destiny smiles, it fills lives with elation and gratitude. 

The transition is imminent and whether favorable or not, it has to be accepted stoically. There is nothing much which can be done about it. Like transition from childhood to adolescence does see a Phatik in all of us from whom everything contrary to what he does is expected.

The transition may seem unwelcome and test our resilience, patience and maturity but its essential to shake our complacences, make us grow further through exposure to different environs, auras and challenges. No gainsaying the fact that it also helps us outgrow our own fears as well as notions of stability and satisfaction at a work place.

So Transition dear, I welcome you with hope of a better tomorrow. 

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  1. That's the Sumedha, I know. Always positive. A change at times seems unwelcome. Yes. But, more often than not, it always proves we needed it. All the best. Regards.