Sunday, December 30, 2012

One last post-of 2012

Once a mentor, guide and philosopher friend said:' you don't always have to roll up sleeves, just do it with ease'. The other day a faqeer like sage said: let go, let loosen your fold give up all efforts  for when you are in deep waters your efforts matter not so just let go. In the former there was a worldly advice that it doesn't always call for being-ready-for-the-fight when it comes to making mind to take some decisions. The latter symbolized total surrender -sharnagati.

 A new year eve is perfect setting for such a state of mind and being.

My family  has  dubbed me an anti-social being for the reasons obvious that I show little inclination and hardly availability of any time when it comes to socialising in normal parlance though on occasions I feel my being somewhere can make a positive difference, I do not miss it either.

Social networking I started with an invite or out of curiosity but my infrequent visits, my inability to respond, my casual and not very zealous presence there and inability to share in spirit of simple sharing makes me a misfit there. I must confess they all are very generous, kind hearted, benevolent people there- the confimed friends but I find myself lacking in responding as graciously, actively, spiritedly so its better to be missed there than spoiling the broth or sprinkling negativity. My own cocoon makes me feel better than facebook which makes me face music I sometimes cannot handle nor appreciate.

What's 2013 portending? Hibernation? Turtle like getting into hiding? A quiet seclusion? An agyaatvaas?

Naaa. No rolling up of sleeves. All things are part of the game and till its on let's play let the music be on and lights too and why not !! Afterall I too may learn to sing  to the tune of my heartbeat and yesss ! may even dance to the music my Creator has bestowed upon me in abundance and while dancing I may write and create, scribble, pen, paint 'khushi' !!Eureka!!

 Happy New Year !!


  1. Beautifuly written, like always, Keep it up! :-)

  2. That's a great New Year resolution. The problem with resolutions is that one has to make an effort to implement these. That's where you need to roll up a sleeve. But, yes, let yourself go in the year ahead. Ultimately, it is a life to live and not spend like a currency note. All the best. God bless.