Friday, December 7, 2012

It happens once in a while

Scene 1

A heated argument is taking place between friends or members of a family and someone makes a strong remark symbolic of anger, bitterness or pure assertion one is afraid of making in normal parlance  and leaves the scene in a huff banging the door behind.

Scene 2:

An exchange of messaging is taking place and one makes a point to ponder and leaves for -say a bath;

Scene 3-strictly official

The boss who is always right makes a point in the meeting and says: .....that's it.. and only 'the subordinate' knows where it pinches

Scene 4

A telephonic conversation is on and suddenly the phone is banged on one's ear (or head?) Leaving the other one speechless. Feeling foolish and hurt,  one looks at the phone, checks for network with disbelief or inability to realize this  too could happen afterall(why not?).

With half a century plus  two years (my god!!) at the back,  many  situations as such have been witnessed, lived,seen, experienced. Am amused right now but it didn't feel as pleasant, acceptable per se, gulpable and to say the least, digestible when of course, I was at the receiving end literally and symbolically.

It does denote (strictly in my opinion) that somewhere the sender, speaker, the boss, a hurt friend or kin is also aware of the impact (the hit) the remark is going to make, the discomfiture  its going to cause to the listener witness et al. On the other hand it also symbolises the taken-for-grantedness of receiver' s perception.

Its not always in case of negative remark or negativity exuding 'action' immediately thereafter -which concerns me, I feel this is also the case with a positive assertions we feel to have the similar imprint. In fact leaving the scene, closing the conversation chapter with forceful, positive assertion (the content I would leave  to your iagination) has immense potential to make one ponder, ruminate, inhale the impact (with deep breath!) and the purest of the smiles follow spontaneously.

Does it not happen or it does-with you too?


  1. It happens to everyone. Or rather, we all do it. Thank you for pointing this out. I will try not to do anything that will arouse similar feelings in anyone. Regards.

  2. In an interesting, conversational manner you have highlighted a behavioral pattern we all experience and indulge in as well. The message is all clear.

    Thanks for sharing.