Monday, December 10, 2012

For you it is, Munna

There are occasions when we look back and reminisce. Today (9th December) has been one such day-a very special day of the most loved, the youngest among us all – Rashmi- its her  birthday.

In age she has been three years younger to me but I have always looked up to her as my mentor, a guide, a guardian, a spiritually awakened one who has been endowed with exceptional intuitive powers and the most loving heart that has kept a 'you' on priority than 'me'.

Pitaji used to call her 'guruji' and would consider it a good omen to touch her feet before leaving for work. On a number of occasions she would bring a point home with such simplicity that would surprise and almost force all those older than her to ponder, take note of and accept per se.

Till date we can remember hordes of instances when the sense of humour that she has been gifted with made us guffaw or grin. She could ditto anyone's mannerism, style  of talking, anger or laughter with such an ease that would make us wonder at her talent. As a child she could imitate my father how he expressed anger or cleared all the clutter in his hyper mood and to our shock, Pitaji would insist on repeat of that imitation of his laughing whole heartedly!!

When she was in fourth standard, she delivered her maiden speech: bachchon ke pyare Chacha Nehru’ and won commendation at the state level. I still remember the grey pant and the white shirt she wore and how confidently she spoke and mesmerized the listeners!

There was something about her that always made me feel I lacked and felt inferior. As an infant she was sooooo beautiful-the fairest of all having inherited complexion of my mom. She was only in fifth class when she found me reading the best sellers and asked point blank: ' How would you feel if I read these novels?' Honestly, never after that I touched Gulshan Nanda's novels and other stuff like that.

Once I took a prized possession of hers-a silver ring that Pitaji's friend Robert C. Calmer had brought and thought she would never get to know. She never said anything to me but my mom told me how hurt she was. I don't think I can ever repay what I owe her.

She has been such a fine writer, orator, teacher, friend, daughter and sister. Its not known since when and why she took on herself to take care of everybody to the extent of giving a complex to others. As it does happen to most of good people most of the time, they don't get in return what they give, shower, spread as a matter of habit-nor really for the asking but as a matter of course. This alone could make anyone bitter, negative, unforgiving but I have been witness to still the better of her manifesting itself in her ever generous and always-happy-to-help attitude.

She knows when she smiles, shines we do and opposite of it, too is as true. This our un expressed, silent, involuntary dependence of ours puts a lot of onus on her but at least I have not been able to help this.

We have seen her calm and in command amidst the most devastating circumstances; we have witnessed the best of her coming out naturally, effortlessly when going has been the toughest personally. emotionally; we have seen her resilience, courage, forgiving-and-forgetting-and-going-on-giving and giving on and on. This has been especially true in case of the differently abled children that she has dedicated her life for.

We all love her and this comes only to tell her on this her special day.

Happy birthday, Munna.

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