Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Words and Silence

Words!! How much we need them!! How dear they are, how very helpful, supportive, facilitator-in fact the best communicator!

Words I love is speech and in writing, listening, talking, messaging, scribbling especially when they flow flawlessly). They weave music and cast a spell when a loved one uses them in expression of love, they mesmerize; they embalm when supportingly and lovingly an elder one uses them, they heal and rejuvenate, energize.

True, its only words and words are all we have to say, convey, share, express affection or flair, anger or disappointment, hurt or pain, grief or sorrow, relief or rage.

Its not that we need words only to say or express, we also so often need them to listen, touch, beckon, call, reach us and the absence of words offers a dicey situation when we are face to face with silence that we are forced to listen, get meaning out of, draw inference from, conclude, judge !! When silence reins, it tends to intimidate, threaten, make us edgy and restless and how we miss the words then-only the receiver knows where it pinches, pricks, makes one squirm with discomfiture-the incomprehensible, the un-expressed words speak louder at times !

Silence, they say, is golden (ek chup sou sukh!) And the deliberate use of this effective tool is expressive of so much of violence that I can bet no words ever had so much capacity to unnerve than the deliberate silence.

Silence when communicative of the calm of mind or environs as after a spell of meditation is so very soothing, needs no words at all to convey the peace that it exudes so involuntarily, spontaneously; silence amidst vast expanse of any of the natural elements can be divine, blissful, pure beauty, bringer of inexpressible and unfathomable joy in pervasive peace.

Be it 'words' or 'silence' when natural has positive impact and when deliberate, pointed, aimed has negative connotations. When -the words or silence -emanate(s) from the heart reach(es) the heart, it can touch protect or guard , make it feel special, valued, respected. Words or silence when made to appear with intention of making its impact felt, has immense potential to create, cause, spread and drown one in negativity.

Let's talk of love in words or silence for life is too short to be wasted. And as WB Yeats says: ‘we are blest by everything/ and everything we look upon is blest’, aren't we?


  1. Silence is the language of extreme, be it pain or pleasure. When words fail, silence speaks. But it is words that lend life and music to our expressions. Words are dance, silence is prayer. Both are harmonious, complementary and wholesome.

    A very good write up. Thanks for sharing.

  2. A writer is said to have come of age when he or she can spin words to make a piece readable. That's what you have done. Let's have more of this stuff. All the best.