Sunday, September 23, 2012

This for you, my daughter

Its a child who lets a mother be born and its in motherhood that a woman finds totality . And   I feel (regardless of son-fixation-syndrome so vociferously prevalent) it's a daughter that completes the portrait of a mother.

Daughter !! What a beautiful feel to be having a daughter. Bearing, giving birth to, nurturing, seeing a daughter grow, walk, run,  learn her first alphabets, her first game, washing and combing her hair, helping in her home work and making her sleep at night, watching her asleep with silent prayers for  her sound sleep so that she wakes up fresh, smiling, chirpy -all this come so natural to a mom. I salute all the moms  whose chief joy lies in finding their daughters safe, feeling secure, zealouly learning, reading, studying or taking part in activities.

I have closely seen how moms want their daughters to do and be and enjoy all that what somehow they themselves as daughters might have not; how they want to especially cook for them the varieties to enable them choose from despite little time at hands after energy sapping jobs ; how they hope for  all their dreams to come true through their daughters' grooming and growth; how with their fingers crossed they are almost always silently praying  for the well being and joy of their daughters.

And all this and all that daughters know too well, observe their moms minutely and say they may or may not but they do acknowledge sometimes with a vocal hug or tear soaked eyes or just-the-perfect-to-occasion smile. Daughters are always sensitive to what their moms do and they also feel they may never be able to do as much when they become moms but the sweet circle goes on generation after generation with little variance of love, care, affection in kind nor in degrees.

Every daughter misses her mom (and vice versa) notwithstanding the gap in communication with passage of time. There always exists a mute, uncomplaining, unconditional,unparalleled bond that neither the chinks of an era nor the worldliness of distances can ever impair.And the daughter and mom duo knows and can appreciate this because living without each other's love is not just possible .
Love you, my daughter, thanks for being there. Happy Daughters' Day.


  1. Thanks a lotttt !!! Mamma......this is the most wonderful and beautiful gift to me....I love you soooo much......I am lucky to have you. Thanks for loving me and being there.

  2. Wow!!!!! I didn't know earlier that A "Daughter's day" is there too just like we have mother's or father's day otherwise I,too, would have wished my only daughter the same, anywayz, its not too late...thanks for keeping us informed of such days & reminding us of some very wonderful days & as usual, you are fabulous, when you write......