Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Dear Mira

My  Meela

It was almost midnight and we had received you and your Mamma dearie and Shanu on airport. You had in your little hands the milk bottle and suddenly you took it out and raised your tiny finger skywards and shouted: Moon! The very moment made you so very special and I can vividly recall the shine in your oh!  so beautiful, wide open eyes!
I do not know how but you looked every bit my daughter and thus you became Meri Meela because you had exquisite way of pronouncing your name with sound 'r' as 'l'. 
Somewhere we gelled well and so very often our eyes would meet with smiles spontaneously on finding some oddity somewhere and I tell you you have always seemed to me as perfect friend to confide in even about the 'experiences' and Shanu made me narrate almost daily before sleep when I happened to stay with you in your German home.
And I have always been awed by your tastes, aesthetics, choice of clothes, jewellery and above all the quickness with which you decide as if you always well nigh know what's needed by you!
You were too small but I remember once your repeated asking as to where I was going (aap kanha ja lane ho?) and I wrote a poem on it later which was included in Amaltas-my first collection of poems with a sketch of your inquisitive eyes and how special you felt-I haven't forgotten that smile,dear,till date.
Your sense of independence, responsibility and discipline towards your studies,your zealousness for reading, your clarity of thought asto what you would like to be and do in life, your choice of quotes appropriately suited to the occasion and thought, your management of things and your fastidiousness, your choice of music-my God! How I appreciate you!
Shall I tell you that we all know if Meela is angry,it can never be unjustified anger. 
We all love you so much and appreciate your prudence, maturity and sense of equanimity. How my heart went out to you when you came to India last year and the first thing you did was giving part of your pocket money for the disabled children!
We have seen you grow and can hardly believe that oh! It's your eighteenth birthday! Our Meela is a young woman today!
I still feel you tell yourself often:how dare you look so beautiful and smart !
Bless you, beta, we are proud of you and quite confident we are that some day we would be known as Mira Upneja's masies and we are quite sure you would continue to be as beautiful rather more beautiful  and mature as ever keeping intact the exquisite simplicity and spontaneity, your humane ness and of course, your love for us who all join to wish you very happy birthday.

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