Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to you

I do not know which birthday of yours it is that we all are celebrating but I have only known that you would always be six years older than me and me always six years less mature and this feel I have been carrying for almost three decades when we met for the first time in FC College for Women, Hisar.

You have never appreciated the idea of flowers nor gifts on your birthday so I have been wondering how to wish happy birthday to you.

Countless fans you have always had from amongst colleagues, students, friends' friends. There has been something very beautiful about you which attracts, commands respect and love and admiration. I wonder what all would share when all of them get together. I really wish we all would some day.

Your essential deep rooted sense of humanity and patriotism is what drew me, has kept me with you ever since the first missing of the beat: your warning of avoiding to 'go beyond the hedge', your epithets like 'super-hyper-sensitive', your 'gucharmuchar'(which later became your yahoo ID, right?) to explain what irritated you; your spontaneous laughter on my warming the 'kadhi' by pouring additional water, your exquisite smile on seeing all of us dancing at 'gallan goriyan de wich toye'-all these and hundreds of such impressions I cherish so fondly.

All that you have ever said, felt, expressed in joy or anger has remained imprinted on the mind available at the slightest click of memory. I am not sure whether I have ever done you any proud or have hurt and let you down more-am not sure but I confess all that you have ever said to boost me, inspire me has always been with me. And for years I have turned to you with my little joys, on receipt of appreciation or accolades as with your endorsement of the same alone could sort of make them complete -and not without.

You are very precious, K. And your cheery, spirited self can keep so many things for so many of us, your admirers in place, in equilibrium to say the least.

Thank you ,God for enabling so many of us celebrate this day being your birthday and thank you K.- for being.



  1. It will take some time to sink in. You are very kind !

  2. Wow, Sumedhaji, highly intimate feelings, words are expressing more than they bear. Friendship is great emotinal bond, keep it up, conratulations to both of you sirs oh mams.

  3. It was my 58th birthday. Yes you are six years younger. How these numbers change the perspective!
    Remember I used to tell stories to you and Sid some thirty years years ago ? Both of you would say...mamma kahani sunao na... Taking up Tinkle or some other book and looking at your shining expectant eyes suddenly would feel important and bossy. I would read in a matter of fact tone..ek thaa Floppy..Ek tha Skipper... "Naaaa..AISE NAHIN…. ", both of you would shout in unison. I would start once again, eyes dilated, elaborately with rising and falling tone and elaborate gestures.."Ooh EK tha FLOPPPY, and Ek Skiperrrrr...." Remember the smiling donkey ? The Muskaan story?

    It would be a good idea for us friends to get together. I am blessed to have nice people like you around me who have ignored my short comings and encouraged me to chase my dreams.

    You have been a part of the family ever since you came that day in 1984. When I told Sid, a special friend would come over from college, he thought for a while and said 'Ok, let me have a bath and put on a nice dress"! He was only six at that time.
    Life was simpler then. The 12 inch Texla orange framed TV, the Panasonic music system that we carried tp Patiala, Gulam Ali, ABBA, Beatles, Hussain Brothers' Guldasta !

    I dont remember telling you not to put water in Kadhi, but I do have fond memories of Paneer you used to cook very often Miss Paneerwala of Green Park !

    We have a wonderful relationship. Thanks for being what you are.