Saturday, April 28, 2012

just like that

In good old days when I was teaching English language and literature to undergraduate students of FC College for Women, Hisar, I came across a piece of prose by Rabindra Nath Tagore: A Wrong Man in Workers' Paradise. It was an enjoyable write up and a senior colleague Mrs UK infact taught me how to teach prose when I approached her as an amateur, fledgling teacher.

It was about workers' paradise wherein no one would do a thing aiwen ee, just-like-that. Everybody was always busy doing things that had a purpose and a meaning. Literally no one had time to hark Robert Herrick's lament to 'stand and stare'. Nor the workers of that unique paradise had any concern for anything other than Wordsorthian 'getting and spending' without an inkling of laying waste their powers as they had no idea of things without purpose or meaning such as bounties of nature.

Ever since, I have wondered about this- the purpose and meaning-of all that happens, transpires, goes on in our lives affecting us sometimes to the extent of making us feel devastated, zero energy, minus positivity. So much so that the good angel in us alone keeps our head above water with :this too will pass, my child, this too will pass.

To be honest, nothing that happened in my little over half a century has ever been without a meaning nor without purpose. I recall how I used to stand near the window of my house facing the sky with my hands clasped together urging Him to let me understand, be able to draw the meaning of all that was happening when the running was rough, weather unfriendly, friends seemed distant and with my eyes closed prayed Him to give me strength to go on come-what-may.

True, the thuds of hard times have hit harder blurring the vision and wisdom incapacitating to take the pains that befell on board, in a stride.

But something there is that paves way for resilience to cope, bear, wipe the tears and stand up and march on. Its hard every time to see something good in everything and the loss has its own ability to overwhelm, weaken, diminish but then nothing happens just-like-that. It happens because it has to happen. The will part is okay to certain degree till certain age when making things happen seems simple. The indomitable urge to make the difference remains alive and kicking; the feel of purpose and meaning lures us to put our ideas into action. But this too is truism that Time mellows us and the grand design, the natural flow of things and happenings unfold their own purpose and meaning.

Eternal vigilance alone enables us strike the balance between the choice of when to act and when its just best to sit back and accept.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Birthday to you

I do not know which birthday of yours it is that we all are celebrating but I have only known that you would always be six years older than me and me always six years less mature and this feel I have been carrying for almost three decades when we met for the first time in FC College for Women, Hisar.

You have never appreciated the idea of flowers nor gifts on your birthday so I have been wondering how to wish happy birthday to you.

Countless fans you have always had from amongst colleagues, students, friends' friends. There has been something very beautiful about you which attracts, commands respect and love and admiration. I wonder what all would share when all of them get together. I really wish we all would some day.

Your essential deep rooted sense of humanity and patriotism is what drew me, has kept me with you ever since the first missing of the beat: your warning of avoiding to 'go beyond the hedge', your epithets like 'super-hyper-sensitive', your 'gucharmuchar'(which later became your yahoo ID, right?) to explain what irritated you; your spontaneous laughter on my warming the 'kadhi' by pouring additional water, your exquisite smile on seeing all of us dancing at 'gallan goriyan de wich toye'-all these and hundreds of such impressions I cherish so fondly.

All that you have ever said, felt, expressed in joy or anger has remained imprinted on the mind available at the slightest click of memory. I am not sure whether I have ever done you any proud or have hurt and let you down more-am not sure but I confess all that you have ever said to boost me, inspire me has always been with me. And for years I have turned to you with my little joys, on receipt of appreciation or accolades as with your endorsement of the same alone could sort of make them complete -and not without.

You are very precious, K. And your cheery, spirited self can keep so many things for so many of us, your admirers in place, in equilibrium to say the least.

Thank you ,God for enabling so many of us celebrate this day being your birthday and thank you K.- for being.