Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Its all about energies

Some days are bad, some ( by God! ) really good and some a w f u l l y bad for the reason not known nor comprehensible or describable and the easiest words answer: me alrite; nothing wrong , no matter, just- like- that.

We all have strong tendency to become so very skeptic about our own admission of having had a good day that we 'touch wood' and hope the day to come sings in the same tenor without stress and strain and we are pre-cautious like mothers to their children lest our joyful day gets affected by an evil eye.

Before we sleep, we tend to thank Almighty whole heartedly for a good good day and seek His grace and benevolence to continue till tomorrow.

Our own worst fears often lend us in situations we are generally apprehensive about and then we remonstrate to ourselves: oh! I knew -this- or-that- would- happen!!

We ourselves imbibe the vitality, energies and aura that can invigorate and spread sunny positivity, boost, enthuse. But mostly we are more acutely aware of and susceptible to aura of the people who really matter and their energies in all or any form of expression-words, gestures, silence affect us more deeply-both positively and negatively. For sure the people whose very faces, eyes, body language, purity of laughter and genuine, vibrant smiles exude joy, happiness, positivity are more welcome, likable, sought after and loved. Energies of our own dear ones with such aura can fill, elate, soothe and smoothen wrinkled, shrunk, diminished aura of our own. On the other hand sadness, gloom and profuse usage of negative words or silence can affect with such hostility and violence and disturb, cause tumult in normal aura and we seethe, boil and know-not-exactly what has happened, transpired!! Such negativity has the ability to mar our day nay.. days together.

Positive energies are always fragile and need to be handled with care and concern and vigilance. They create connections not just with the people whose feelings matter but also with Divinity. The gesture of blessing by a simple old person with a hand on our head can cause a lump the way a visit to a sanctum sactorum of a temple, church or gurudwara can; the innocent look of our own child asleep enables such rushing of affable feelings and we can feel only immense gratitude in such moments.

So its aura that affects -of a place, person, weather, our own dress that we wear or even others’ look along with smiles that they wear or spread. We often forget we, our demeanor, behavior, reactions, language, speech or silence add to natural aura; our own receptivity increases or obstinacy diminishes others' natural zeal, enthusiasm, zest to communicate and proportionately we either gain, become spirited, elate, widen further expanse of our own skies or close, shrink, dampen-the key factor is within us-our desire coupled with initiative to share, laugh and sing being so blessed human beings.