Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ah! Freedom

Freedom! The very word imbibes the exquisite sense of elation unmatched by any other kind of happiness. We are at our best when we feel free-the feel which cannot be ‘given’ by anyone to us, no one can give us freedom. This feel is so positive in itself that we cannot say that it’s only the absence of feeling chained that makes us feel free. I think it’s in the mind that we first taste the beauty of feeling free. Sense of freedom, for me, is the real feeling of joy of being when soul celebrates its totality, when the whole being feels the elation of existence, when you cannot be happier than what you are with your mind unfettered. It is bliss which people leave the materialistic world to enjoy-the bliss which sometimes is resultant from deep meditation.

It’s not just enjoying the free will, free choice. ‘Being lonely and being master of our will is not being free. That’s anarchic. Real freedom is when you stay attached yet free to let your soul and mind breathe openly-not suffocated by the presence of other but supported and fostered and strengthened’, a friend opined. Then is it in relation to ‘the other’ that freedom is to be understood? In normal parlance it’s the tendency to break free when caging suffocates but I think we do not seek to be ‘allowed’ and let fly, it is inherent, natural in us to crave for the totality of togetherness which makes us feel we can fly and touch the skies. With all strings attached, we yearn for ‘mind without fear’. And this we need not for the asking but as a matter of course.

I was wondering what is it that we like so much about a walk in the morning or a walk around Brahmsarover? I think it’s being in close proximity with all or a few of the elements that we are made of that holds for us the feel –good- phenomenon: the sky, earth, water, air, fire. Basically we are bad masters and good servants but no way to deny how we have the tendency to spread, sprawl, break- free and how we love to revel in joie de vivre, the joyful abundance. And this is the truth which is also beautiful that in freedom lies our essence.

Nothing more or better than love can fill one with the joy of being, of totality, freedom of soul and beckon and bring forth the best we hold being what we are. We ‘tell’ that we love to be monopolized but it’s against our grain to be commanded and subjugated, instead governing and leading and flying and walking free come more naturally, for we are after all, born free.

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  1. It is a great feeling to be with oneself and taste total freedom. To share this freedom with a kindred soul and live it together is a high of a different kind. Divine, rare.