Sunday, March 13, 2011

A thing called happiness

They often say that happiness is not something you can buy, dispatch or receive. Further, if only happiness were 'available' in stores, there would be long queues with people apprehending a no-stock situation. They also say there are no discounts on a thing called happiness on special days like Christmas or Boxers' Day, Diwali or Akshay Tritiya albeit at times you may bag it free when you invest for another things ( buy -one- get- one ?).

Not always one can find it lying on-the-way. Sometimes, a bit of an extra effort is needed to go (as much required for initial visits to Gymn or going for a morning walk) what may seem out-of-the-way to give and get joy like a pleasant surprise.

No. A complete thing called khushi cannot be 'but an occasional episode' in the general drama of pain. True, it may oft seem to have its finger on the lips bidding adieu but the wholeness, the totality, the aura of ecstatic moments is not something which can be wiped off with movement of time in moments, days, years. It stays on and wakes up at slightest invocation but alas! We believe more in evoking pain, morbidity, melancholy, brooding and revel in their luxury while all the joys sit back and look at us haplessly.

Is it not that our mind gets ‘fixed’ on notions created by ourselves that this- would and that surely would not bring happiness? Many small things that elation consists of get swept off failing our touchstone of pleasure. We may not endorse to it but happiness also believes in giving surprises. Sometimes it just stands before us to hug and tell it loves us. Caught unawares we see its ‘beaded bubbles winking at the brim’. Such a be-mausmi barsat of joy soaks our dry crust, our eyes as well and we inhale it like a deep breath with gratitude feeling the presence that disturbs with elevated thoughts.

Infact we lack the tendency to take joy and all its expressions through smiles, laughter, guffaws or grins seriously. This callous attitude misses out intensity and depth of happiness we tend to associate only with serious (no -nonsense) talk, sadness and gloom.

Happiness flows flawlessly, an easy going thing but we are 'difficult' and become still more difficult with our natural appreciation for clinging to dates associated with past or prospective events, happenings and thereby in equal proportion we mar simple joys by blurring their flow leading to us.

Thanks to all the high tech 21st century and the hand holding gadgets which have facilitated quick recipes to joy. The sixties' Abba “Ring Ring’ is true for sms being 'the happiest sound of the all' but most of us only stand and wait not caring to reach out and acknowledge forgetting that happiness is also in giving as much as in receiving. I think all the ‘sound and fury’ of this business called life, all the ‘getting and spending’ is futile if khushi is elusive and conspicuously absent. We are the least harmful when happy and vice versa.

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  1. Nice!!
    This reminds me of a kavita written by you in your book safar lafzo ka...... which says:

    dukh haste haste kehne laga,
    mera sukh se poorana rishta hai
    ahalaad se lambi pehchaan
    vo to bevafaa hai
    nahi fatakte paas
    jahan bhi jata hu karne uddas
    par main apni dosti bakhoobi nibhata hu'
    isliye khushi sang aksar chala aata hu

    (sorry cant write that in hindi)

    well ive started believing that u should find happiness in whatever u do rather than finding the negatives in whatever happens..Although its not always possible but try is the key..
    I read a book called Polyanna when i was a kid.. That book has brought about a drastic change in me and my outlook.. a must read. Its about a young orphan girl who finds happiness and something positive in whatever happens in life..
    Its all up in the mind...