Monday, February 14, 2011

Morning Buzz

And lo! It buzzed at 4.58am. Was I prepared? Did I want it? Why was I conscious of the impending ring? Had for long been hearing the warning bells, giving them a damn and continued with the I-don’t- care but the latest signal was a bit rude, its shadow hanging around like wide eyed parental reprimand ‘this-won’t- go-on, understand!’ And when it buzzed with all seriousness of purpose, I found myself excuses for a good ‘muhurat’ like Holi, Diwali but it exhorted ‘lets go, shall we?’ A hard nut fumbled with what-to-wear? Where are my walking shoes? Oh! It might be cold, was I prepared? And everything seemed to be laid on platter like a well knit design to drag my ‘unwilling steps’ as a birdie wind sheeter winking with scribble ‘fly with a smile’ found on opening the cupboard, my reebok (albeit in dire need of ‘mujhe badal dalo’) and one tool still missing-my walk ‘danda’ to save me from wagging happy –to- help’s meharbaniyan. And I was getting impatient with myself : ‘ki-ab-chalo-bhee-bahut ho gaye nakhre’ and there I was opening the door only to find a surprised Sharon with questioning look of ‘where sirji, early in the morning ?’ I heaved a heavy hearted sigh but just then a whiff of fresh air made me close my eyes like a majnoo breathing in fragrance of a Ponds’ talcum model.

Why was I behaving like a ‘dheeth’ child telling myself ‘I have come but no farther than the first landmark of Major Nitin Bali Road’ where I reached in no time, saluted the warrior and speedily walked past as the second landmark of Zila Bagwani Vibhag was just close by. Thought I would insist on drawing my feet back home but they went on to the third, fourth land marks reaching the Sector 5 turn, My toes had started asserting with ‘enough!’ So there I was on my way back only to feel awe for almost a decade older person jogging and hordes of people thronging the bye-pass for a morning walk. And I thanked the morning buzz for all its spontaneously enriching freshness which I had denied myself for no valid nor sound reason. After ages I welcomed the doodhwala and prepared the morning tea, managed the morning chores of boiling the milk, putting the morning bhog to apne kanha ji, having a cup of tea and feeling free having contributed my mite in domestic management for the whole day! This above all- turning to my writing that I had missed all these days. Thank you, my morning buzz. I am awake at last.


    I call her HS i.e. higher soul. I got this term higher soul from LINDA GOODMAN's Star Signs which says every person happens to meet the higher selves atleast once in life.So I was lucky to meet her when posted as SDM in our town. There are so many things i learnt from her starting with art of living course. I am very sure every person like me who is in touch with her can well understand the truth behind my words about her as definitely she is there for all of us always. It is good you have started morning walk and I am happy to tell that I have also started the same just today morning with my daughter Devika. As some doctor uncle of mine just reminded me a day back at Metro Hospital in Faridabad where my aunt has undergone angioplasty that a minimum of 40 minutes physical work out is must to stay away from today's common diseases.
    So keep it up and continue with DARSHAN of Doodhwala Daily. surely I am going to join you when i shift at our new house in Kurukshetra. I can feel Sharon might be crazy to go with you because DOG is GOD if words reversed. We can well see maximum love in their eyes. So it is good that we have a platform now where we can remain update about u, feel and understand more good things said in your blog and can talk to you anytime by writing like this. I think I am writing like marathon so would like to wait for next one. JAI GURUDEV!!

  2. Very good ma'am!!! Your morning walk story is very similar to conscious & sub-conscious mind fight everyday for same exercise routine!!!! sometimes one conquers & sometimes other......I started doing pranayaam on daily basis,which gives me strength for rest of the day...but still if you keep on posting these, it be very motivational for people like me.....thanks & best regards